Tui’s Gang is a captivating and vibrant Fijian children’s brand that creates engaging and creative products through the colourful illustrations by acclaimed artist Penelope Casey. Launching successfully, Tui’s Gang plans to continue creating picture books, along with educational resources in the future other merchandise. Tui’s Gang aims to develop learning for children not only in Fiji but globally, by sharing the colours, words, sights and sounds from typically Fijian childhoods. We aim to be well recognised and at the forefront of the Multicultural children’s books and resources genre Internationally.


Colours of Fiji is a beautiful children’s book that introduces your child to colours as experienced by Tui and his friends on their adventures around Fiji. Stunning illustrations by award-winning Artist Penelope Casey perfectly capture the wonder and vibrancy of Fiji. The inside back-cover features a summary of the colours introduced in the book, for an easy recap of the colours. This is a truly special children’s book that will captivate all who read it - adults and children!

Artist Penelope Casey | Language English / Fijian | Dimensions: 11.6 x 0.1 x 8.1 inches
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TUI'S GANG Colours of Fiji