Tui’s Gang is a captivating and vibrant Fijian children’s brand that creates engaging and creative products through the colourful illustrations by acclaimed artist Penelope Casey. Launching successfully, Tui’s Gang plans to continue creating picture books, along with educational resources in the future other merchandise. Tui’s Gang aims to develop learning for children not only in Fiji but globally, by sharing the colours, words, sights and sounds from typically Fijian childhoods. We aim to be well recognised and at the forefront of the Multicultural children’s books and resources genre Internationally.


Tui’s Gang Colouring and Activity book is a wonderful Children’s colouring-in book telling the story of Tui and his friends in Fiji. Featuring artwork by award-winning Artist Penelope Casey, this colouring book will keep children happy and occupied for hours. Right from the first page, which has ‘this book was coloured by’ and a space for the child’s name, this well-thought out children’s book will allow your child’s imagination to take flight to the colourful island paradise of Fiji. The book begins with the sun coming up on Tui beating a Fijian drum (Lali) to wake everyone up. Tui takes a stroll along the beach, playing with a Davui shell and calling his friends to come meet him. His adventure sees him taking a quick swim with his friends, before heading to the market place, another vibrant part of Fiji life.

Artist Penelope Casey | Language English / Fijian | Dimensions: 11.6 x 0.1 x 8.1 inches
Copyright images & text © Tadramai Limited

TUI'S GANG Colouring Book