Gift your wedding party or loved ones these gorgeous, all hand made, personalized fans.  Here in Fiji these are traditionally made in Tailevu and  gifted to brides and grooms for their big day, but they can also  make a fantastic take home souvenir of your time here, whilst also being a handy way to beat the heat in the tropical sun. fan


Meaures 30cm wide x 35cm tall including handle. 


Can fit up to a 7 letter name/ nickname


Please note before order finalization you will need to provide name, but never fear, if i receive a blank order ill always reach out to confirm it was intentional


  • Whilst we can supply these fans unpersonalized, the naming process takes 10 working days to create.  so if you are interested, make sure you contact us 2 weeks before landing to have yours created, or allow an extra 2 weeks on your shipping time. vinaka