FONU Jewellery invokes the mana (the power and spirit) of our natural world in true island tradition. Through a mark-making language of bold geometries and undulating lines, each piece tells a story that celebrates our personal and collective roots; summoning the strength of nature and belonging that propels our journeys through life.


Every piece of FONU Jewellery is an emblem of the earth forged in Sterling Silver 925 and  burnished with South Pacific mana. Our yellow and rose tones are made from sterling silver with a PVD coating of 18K Gold or Rose Gold, for a longer lasting bond than regular plating. Versatile, classic, and bold, FONU Jewellery is for the modern warrior. From green to concrete jungles, across blue seas and skies, may you never lose the smell of saltwater from under your nose.


FONU Jewellery is designed in Suva by Fiji Island artist Anga’aefonu. Through her paintings and design work, Anga’aefonu draws from her mixed Polynesian, Melanesian and European heritage, and celebrates the cultural melting pot that is the Pacific, as well as our universal ancestral ties to the ocean, wherever we are in the world.


A trail of baby noni leaves gracing your earlobes like a whisper through these two part jakete (jacket) studs. Fit the stud post through the jacket hole and close with a butterfly stopper like a snug little ear hug. The miracle noni plant bears fruit, leaves and roots that are used to heal more ailments than you have fingers. Bittersweet medicine for your heart, lungs, reproductive system, muscles, and the blood that fuels all of these..⌲ 

⌲ Stud: 9mmx10mm

⌲ Jacket: 27mm wide with 2 hole options & butterfly stoppers to fit different sized earlobes

⌲ Available in Sterling Silver 925 or 18K Gold Vermeil.

FONU Noni Leaf Jackette Earrings