Made right here in Fiji and infused with the potent anti-oxidising, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties of pure organic coconut oil, Fiji Soap Company products represent the very best in locally made botanical hair and body care.Made in Fiji. Made of Fiji. Fiji Soap Company uses one of nature's true super botanicals, pure organic, coconut oil to enrich our already world famous formulations and ensure that guests all across the world can appreciate the very best in the way of hair and body care when staying with you.Beautiful ceramic container of organic coconut hand wash, by Fiji Soap Co.


If you have already been fortunate enough to have purchaed one of these, or have your own dispenser and want that lasting Fiji smell back home, this is the more economical way to buy and ship FIJI SOAP CO refills

Shipped in a reused 1L plastic water bottle, so you help us two fold, buying Fijian Made and breaking down single use plastic bottles