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Fiji Spice Queen

For childhood friends, Francesca and Linley falling in love with Fiji had led them to establish a business as Fijis first certified cruelty free skincare company. They fell in love with Fiji because visions from their childhood while growing up a block away from each other in a small town near Wellington (New Zealand) were so similar to what they are in Fiji. The business was established in 2014 as a result of a passion for Fiji and its people, its future and its sustainability as a nation in a world where climate change is fast impacting on our Pacific Islands. The skincare range debuted in the market in 2015 and since then has grown into a fine Queen, as the legend says it all. Spice Queen (Fiji) Pte Ltd creates innovative Skincare all made in Fiji: Body Lotions, Body & Hair Oils, coconut based Soaps and Fair Trade raw Sugar Scrubs aimed at visitors to Fiji who seek wellbeing body products that have a commitment to sustainability, cruelty free beauty and represent Fiji. In 2019, however, the business was passed onto its new owner, Sheenal Synthika, for its further growth and can now be classified as a 100% Fijian owned company. She shares the same passion as Linley and Francesca and has worked for Fiji Spice Queen since the birth of the company.

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