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Eau Des Iles


EAU DES ÎLES [meaning: ‘water of the islands’] is an artisan perfume house launched in Vanuatu in 2016. Our name pays tribute to our French heritage and is a play on the perfumery phrase ‘eau de parfum’. Our perfumes and fragrances are inspired the unique and natural beauty of the South Pacific. 

The South Pacific region is one of the most remote regions in the world. It’s home to the largest and deepest ocean on the planet and an assembly of small island nations that still beat to their own rhythm. Our unspoilt paradise remains off the map to most of the outside world and is rich in natural resources, both above ground and underwater. The unique flora and marine life extends to rare varieties, unknown beyond the region, forming the perfect playground for explorative and experimental perfumery.

The EAU DES ÎLES range is currently available in Vanuatu and Fiji, and we working towards anchoring in other countries around Oceania. If you are yet to visit our island paradises, let us introduce you - our online store ships worldwide. Recently, through a partnership between The Projects Collective x EAU DES ÎLES we have started small batch manufacture in Fiji, in the pristine area of the Coral Coast.  Stay tuned as we work towards our 'Made in Fiji' accreditation, and launch new Fiji specific fragrances. 

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