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Adorn Pacific

Adorn Pacific  is a truely luxurious island jewelry brand inspired bytropical ocean hues, sunshine and the endless blue skies of the South Pacific.

Adorn Pacific draws from all that the rich ocean and land have to offer us - to create a wearable reflection of our worlds natural beauty. Designs are inspired by the Islands and Pacific Island culture and imagery.

Designer Sandy Lyons has an extensive background in both fashion and jewelry design and with her passion for fashion photography, graphic and web design, Adorn Pacific was born.

The name Adorn refers to adorning yourself in jewels and Pacific is an ode to her Fiji hometown, Pacific Harbour and the Pacific Islands which the designs represent.

Sandy was born in Papua New Guinea and grew up in Pacific Harbour, Fiji where she lives, designs and runs Adorn from home. 


Each piece starts as a sketch, then a mold is carved which is cast in solid .925 sterling silver, and 18 k gold Vermeil. Adorn Also uses 14k Gold filled.

Adorn Pacific makes one-off and custom made-to-measure

shell jewels with shells collected from the Coral Coast in Fiji.

Many jewels are mixed media with Fiji baroque pearls farmed in Taveuni, hand cut and carved oyster shell from Fiji, Sometimes carved bamboo driftwood is incorporated.

Adorn Pacific regularly releases new styles in limited run numbers.

Adorn Pacific also collaborates with and stocks many other local jewelry brands.  


Wear a little piece of the islands everyday.

Keep each piece forever.

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