Golden Fiji’s Dilo Oil Serum was created to help repair and minimize acne scars. Dilo Oil has long been used in the Pacific to soothe and hydrate skin, it’s great for after-sun repair. Whether it be from the archipelago of Fiji, pristine waters of Vanuatu, the shores of Australia or the natural beauty of Papua New Guinea, Golden Fiji have created a luxurious skincare range using natural ingredients from all around the Pacific just for you


Tamanu oil', also known as Dilo oil is an ancient beauty secret that the Fijians have been using for centuries. It is suitable for all skin types, particularly those with acne, scars, and signs of aging.

Golden Fiji’s Dilo oil is purely cold pressed from the Dilo tree, which can only be found along the coasts of the archipelago of Fiji. It also can be found around the ocean. To spot a Dilo, you can see white flowers with a yellow round Center, about the size of golf balls containing a large seed. Those seeds are then taken to our factory and are purely cold pressed to make a dark green in colour. Dilo Tree is considered Sacred in Fiji and is also known as the “Tree of a Thousand Virtues’. Dilo is a unique fatty acid (Calophyllic Acid) that can ONLY be found in Dilo Oil which is an anti-inflammatory & antibacterial fatty acid that enhances the skin.







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