At Eco Conscious (Fiji) our mission is about spreading environmental awareness to the citizens and consumers of Fiji and the World to reduce your use in single-use plastic products to protect our Planet.


Don't be apart of the pollution be apart of the solution. Our large size straws are perfect for real thick shakes and bubble tea! Our travel pouch makes it super easy to carry these straws with you wherever you go.  Not only are they stylish but they replace all those throw away plastic straws that eventually end up in our oceans impacting the lives of our marine life. Save a turtle and buy eco-friendlier alternatives! 


  • Neon Colour
  • Doby cotton mask printed pouches 
  • Length 21cm
  • FDA 304 food grade stainless steel straws 
  • 12mm diameter 
  • Non toxic


Can be customized with a label for wedding favours 

ECO CONSCIOUS FIJI metal drinking straw

  • Goods can be returned within 48hrs to The Projects Collective, Coral Coast, Fiji Islands via CDP delivery for customers to receive a 100% refund. 

    NOTE: This does not include swimwear and underwear.