At Eco Conscious (Fiji) our mission is about spreading environmental awareness to the citizens and consumers of Fiji and the World to reduce your use in single-use plastic products to protect our Planet.


Some plastic items are more dangerous for sea life than others. 5gyres, the leading NGO in researching plastic pollution lists plastic cutlery as the seventh most commonly plastic litter on beaches.

By bringing your own eco-friendly bamboo cutlery set on-the-go, you can refuse single-use while still enjoying your picnic or take-away lunch. You can keep your reusable utensils somewhere handy, like your car or bag.

Not only is this reusable bamboo cutlery travel set sustainable and environmentally friendly, it's also super convenient when you're on-the-go! Flying somewhere? ✈️ Ditch conventional silverware or single-use throwaways and breeze through security with these lightweight, planet-friendly alternatives!

ECO CONSCIOUS FIJI bamboo cutlery set