ADORN PACIFIC is a truely luxurious island jewelry label inspired bytropical ocean hues, sunshine and the endless blue skiesof the South Pacific. Adorn Pacific jewelry draws from all that the rich ocean and land have to offer us - to create a wearable reflection of our worlds natural beauty.


Designs are inspired by the Islands and Pacific Island Culture and imagery.​Designer Sandy Lyons has an extensive background in both fashion and jewelry design and with her passion for fashion photography, graphic and web design, Adorn Pacific was born.​The name is an ode to her Fiji hometown, Pacific Harbour.


Our jewels are a representation of Pacific culture. The triangle repeated pattern is a common Polynesian motif symbolising strength and protection. These are fierce, strong and symbolic of the strength of the Pacific.


Our sharktooth earrings are available in .925 sterling silver or 18K Gold Vermeil.




ADORN Shark Tooth Earrings - Silver or Gold

  • Our sharktooth earrings are an impressive 4.5 cm long and 9,2 cm wide without the earring hook.