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What have our brands been up to while the world slept.............

Well here's one by our all time favorite GIRL POWER GANG member, Alexandra Garland., from SOUTH SEAS SALT. While we all took a break, she's been out in the belting sun collecting gorgeously pristine sea water, building air drying beds she lovingly dries it out on (sings it lullaby's occasionally) packages it soooo gorgeously, mixes it with incredible mouth watering flavors, and packages it all up in this super cute container of salt love, that you want to keep all to yourself.... or gift to friends.

South Seas Salt

Is a Fiji owned, female led, sustainable artisan salt-making company based in Momi Bay, overlooking the great Cloudbreak. We handcraft luxury sea salts and seasonal blends to the highest of standards.

Our sea salt and seasonal blends are made in small batches and in limited amounts. This is a handcrafted product and not mass produced.

South Seas Salt uses completely sustainable methods. Our salt is made using sun and wind only on custom designed salt evaporation tables. This process is unique to us here in Fiji and one that leaves no carbon footprint on our planet. As a result, South Seas Salt has been granted Fiji’s first approved Government license to operate a salt farm.

The gentle process of evaporation through sun and wind takes up to two weeks to turn salt water to crystal. The end result is a salt crystal that is far superior in taste to salt that is traditionally made over a fire.

Our seasonal blends are made with produce from our farm, and that of other local farmers.

Our sea salts are natural, contain no additives, no bleaches, no preservatives, no anti-caking agents and no imported foods. They are suitable for vegans.

South Seas Salt is fully compliant with all necessary government departments including Health and Safety and the Ministry of the Environment. South Seas Salt has been product tested for food safety purposes.

i can barely keep up with her flavour range, and finf myself wandering aimlessly sometimes trying to pair up flavours in the hope we have created the NEXT NEW FLAVOUR. i must say im glad its her doing the flavouring and not me, as she doesnt like any of my existing flavours such as the old twistie/ mars bar combo. Sadly for you, i shall keep working on her behind the scenes, in the meantime, heres her current list


Luxe is our premium finishing salt. Hand harvested in small batches early in crystallization, it’s gentle saltiness will make any dish sparkle. Use sparingly and enjoy. Not suitable for use in a grinder. Must be stored airtight.

Ingredients: sea salt

Available in a 60g jar and a 120 g resealable pouch



Small batches of Luxe finishing salt are harvested by hand and mixed with sundried bongo chilis from the farm. Pops of peppery heat, but not overpowering. Pairs with absolutely everything. Use sparingly and enjoy. Not suitable for use in a grinder. Must be stored airtight.

Ingredients: sea salt, chili

Available in a 60g jar



A taste of the Fiji Islands. Tradition and Luxe sea salts are infused with coconut milk before being mixed with fresh coconut shavings. Pairs with seafood, curries, desserts and cocktails. Use sparingly and enjoy! Not suitable for use in a grinder. Must be stored airtight.

Ingredients: sea salt, coconut

Available in a 60g jar